Savings and Benefits

Save over 50% on routine horse care

The Healthy Horse Club

Our scheme is a great way to spread the cost of preventative healthcare for your horse while saving you money. It covers all your horse essential routine health care in a budgeted monthly payment of just £14.95. More importantly, all members can enjoy great savings on products and services keeping your horse happy and healthy.

Benefits of The Healthy Horse Club

By joining the scheme, you and your horse can enjoy the following benefits and more:

  • Annual Vaccination
  • Annual Routine Dental*
  • Sedation if Required x 2
  • General Health Check x 2 (one at vaccination)
  • Worm Egg Counts x 4
  • Tapeworm Test x 1
  • 20% off Visit Charges**
  • 20% off Second Dental (exc. sedation)

    All payments are managed by 'Animal Healthcare' on behalf of Independent Vetcare Ltd.

*Only for routine dental work, not complex dental procedures
**Not including out of hours, emergency calls, same day appointments. Discount will not apply to visit charges where special offers already apply.
If the policy is cancelled before the anniversary of the plan, full payment will be required. Any discounts are an estimated amount
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Healthy Horse Club

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Find us here:

The Chocolate Factory, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 2AU
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